Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going to Church

Adam and I got to skip out on Primary today as the Young Women took over so that we could go to Sunday School and Relief Society/Preisthood. It was wonderful! I forgot what I was missing out on every Sunday, although we really do love our Primary class. We studied Jacob 5, a chapter that I either always skipped or took as a botany lesson on growing olive trees. I had a lot to learn about this chapter, and I did! It was amazing to study all of the allegories and meanings behind what the Lord was trying to teach us. It's always amazing to me how simple even the "hard" chapters can become if you just take a minute to study and ponder them (although a lesson manual is a nice companion as well). I find as I get older, my list of favorite chapters in the scriptures grows, which is probably just me maturing and getting more out of the scriptures than I used to. I'm just really grateful for the gospel and for the people who plan and study so thoughtfully so that we can all feel the Spirit. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of the gospel, where I know exactly what I am doing here on this Earth and what I am striving for after this life. I know it, with my whole heart I know it's true and I hope that I can live my life in a way that shows my testimony (even if it just means being patient and loving Hallie anyway after she destroys my house for the 432nd time in one day).

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reflections of Christ

I was reading through some emails this morning and I received a link to this blog from Sister Zitzman back in Ohio. I thought the video on it was just wonderful, and I had to share it. The video is the one under the Reflections Slideshow post.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wahoo for Easter!!!

This is Adam, the 'ole grizzly bear, I don't make too much noise on the blog here, but I thought I'd share some of Hallie's first Easter with y'all. I have two videos, one pre-easter egg hunt, and the other of the actual HUNT!

I'll stop blabbering, they speak for themselves.