Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adam got 74663D

Welcome to the Adam Morris edition of "TAGGED"...electronically known as "74663d"

8 TV shows I love to watch:
1. Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball
1a. NBA Playoffs
2. Cosby Show
3. Ace of Cakes
4. Everybody loves Raymond
5. BYU Football (when they're not under-performing)
6. This is a lot of TV
7. My computer
7a. Mickey Mouse ClubHouse
8. I love my Lappy

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Lucilles
2. P.F. Changs
3. Buffalo Wild Wings
4. Tucanos
5. King's Fish House
6. Outback Steakhouse
7. Cheesecake Factory
8. Chilis

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. I breathed
2. Went to lunch with my Dad to Ottavio's
3. Went to Den meeting with 3 little hellions, they're parents should be proud =)
4. Went to the park with Hallie and my Dad
5. Played Settlers:Cities and Knights online at 1AM with Ashton
6. Went to bed before 10pm!!!!!
7. Talked with my wife for quite some time
8. Watched segments of Fishies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Monsers with Hallie

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Christmas at home with my entire family
2. Ashton's blessing on Sunday
3. Playing Basketball
4. Preparing taxes full-time this winter
5. Not having to do homework at 2AM
6. When Ashton can smile and starts to laugh
7. Even better, when Ashton starts to interact with us (especially Hallie)
8. Seeing a picture of my face when I get my birthday present next month [clueless] S^)

8 things on my wish list:
1. A motorcyle (a nice Honda Shadow or maybe a couple rides on a bullet bike)
2. A sweet Mario Cake for my birthday
3. Making millions of dollars with my fleet of Oompah Loompahs
4. A decked out, $1,000,000 computer rig...all I want is to play on it for a couple hours, no need to purchase
5. Passing the CPA Exam on my first Attempt
6. An old-school Smash Bro.'s session with Thomas, Jake, and another worthy oppoenent [le sigh]
7. More time
8. A Googleplex of children of happy, healthy children

I hereby Taggeth Thomas, Jake, & Roy...if you so choose to accept this quest.


I've been tagged by Kari! I've been tagged before, but this is my first time actually following through. So here goes nothin':

8 TV shows I love to watch
1. Cosby
2. The Cavs dominating any team in the NBA
3. Ace of Cakes
4. Food Network Challenge
5. Good Eats
6. Oprah
7. Everybody Loves Raymond
8. Hannah Montana (as of late)

8 favorite restaurants
1. Cheesecake Factory
2. P.F. Changs
3. Buffalo Wild Wings
4. Outback Steakhouse
5. Chilis
6. Olive Garden
7. Cafe Rio
8. Baja Fresh

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Got up at 2 to feed Ashton
2. Got up at 5 to feed Ashton
3. Got up at 8 to feed Ashton
4. Actually got up for the day
5. Fed Ashton at 10
6. Fed Ashton at 1
7. Cried because I feel like a cow being milked all day
8. Went to bed and actually got 4 1/2 straight hours of sleep thanks to a fantastic husband who... got up to feed Ashton!

8 things I'm looking forward to
1. Not feeding Ashton so much
2. Ashton's blessing on Sunday
3. Thanksgiving in Rexburg!
4. The holidays... although I have already started celebrating :)
5. Grandpa Morris heating up the pool over Christmas so Hallie and I can go swimming
6. Moving up to Rexburg next semester
7. Ashton sleeping through the night
8. Seeing Adam's look on his face when he gets his birthday present next month

8 things on my wish list
1. That Ashton will start sleeping through the night... NOW
2. Skinny jeans
3. Getting back in shape so i can fit into those skinny jeans :)
4. A haircut
5. Graduating and getting a real job
6. Moving close to my family
7. A cute house
8. No more kids (if Adam would ever fall for it!)

People I'm tagging... hmmm, I'll go with... Shiloh, Breanne and ADAM :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Artsy what?

Confession time...
I took every art class offered back in high school. I loved all of them. I loved my teacher and a couple of my best buds were in all the classes with me (yay Julz and Ahdom!). Then I went to college. I knew I had some natural talent, but I didn't feel like I had enough to go into an art major. Julie and Ahdom were both voted artist of the year (and rightfully so, they are quite amazing) and I think I just felt like I could never be as good as they were and I didn't want to feel inferior in every college class I walked into. I was also "encouraged" (ha) to find something that might be a little more promising financially, in case I ever needed to support myself. So I forgot about art. I went on with my life and majored in Exercise Science (which I really do love). Then about a year ago my grandpa and grandma Linda asked if I had done any artwork recently. I told them I had not done anything in quite a while, that life just got too crazy, but I would like to pick it up again someday. From that day forward, I missed it. I wanted to do something, but I wasn't sure what. My dear husband bought me some really nice paintbrushes for mother's day, but I was scared to use them... I didn't know if I was ready to jump into painting after a 5 year break from it! So I've started at the most basic level... drawing. I did this picture for my brother in law for Christmas. I know it's nothing crazy outrageous, but I was happy with it for how long I've been out of practice.

Who knows? Maybe I'll go out on a limb and do COLORED pencil next time :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tricks or Treats

We had a fantastic Halloween! We started off the week by carving pumpkins. Adam and I like to go a little crazy and opt for designs a little out of the ordinary...

Adam's beloved John Wayne only lasted about a day... but he was still pretty cool! Tigger lasted through Halloween, but then started to shrivel and die.

Hallie made an adorable Minnie this year, compliments of her grandmother. She LOVED trick or treating, and Adam even got her to say trick or treat at a few of the houses before she started looking for the suckers in every bowl. Ashton was a champ, he guzzled a bottle and stayed nice and warm in his blanket in his momma's arms as we all walked from house to house.

Adam and I have decided that we're officially a family... and officially old. Not only do we have 2 car seats in the car, a house and a car that looks like it's constantly being bombarded by children, but we also have a child that is old enough to appreciate Halloween. Pretty soon our teeth are going to start falling out.

Finally, no post would be complete without a picture of Ashton, so here he is :)

What a handsome little guy!