Sunday, May 16, 2010

All Done!

I know I promised this post last week, but we didn't have this all finished until yesterday... which was mostly my fault.  I got lazy about painting and so it basically took all week to get me motivated enough to finish it.  But it's done!

Now I just need a little storage thing for that bare spot by the sink, kind of like this one...
They have one at Home Goods here, and the baskets are actually closed instead of open, an absolute must for anyone who has 2 small children and doesn't want to see the clutter.  Of course, the majority of our budget is still governed by necessity instead of desires, so it may be a while. 
If you have the decorating bug BAD like I do, here's some fun sites:

and some of my most favoritest stores (well, besides PB)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another year of heartbreak (at least I'm used to it by being a BYU fan!)

(Disclaimer:  I am a huge Cleveland Cavaliers/LeBron James fan.  If you don't care for basketball or sports in general, don't bother reading on :)  I understand that many don't understand my passion for the God-given sport of basketball.)

It's time for my annual post on the Cavaliers.  I really don't know WHAT to say.  I'm confused, sad, mad, and mostly just confused.  LeBron just FELL apart these last 2 games.  Adam and I have been talking about it quite a bit.  Was he hurt with the elbow or his leg and just trying not to say anything and make a scene? That's what I thought at first, but now I'm not so sure.  LeBron just kind of sauntered around tonight, not driving like he usually does or running in from nowhere for the block.  Now, I know he had a triple double, but he almost had a quadruple double with 9 turnovers, and that's not the kind of quadruple double you want.  He almost acted like he was trying to prove a point, just like a few years ago in our good friend Kobe...... (or not.  I have quite a lot of Sports Hate for Kobe).  Maybe he was trying to say, "why would I stay here?  I get a TRIPLE DOUBLE, and the rest of my team still can't win."  And I can't blame him too much, he shouldn't have to carry such a load.
Whatever the reason, I would be surprised at this point if LeBron returns to the Cavs next year.  At the beginning of the season, I would have said there was NO WAY he was leaving.  The Cavs were looking so good, I know LeBron loves being the hometown boy, all his friends are there in the A-K-rowdy (aka Akron) so I thought he was there to stay.  But like he's said over and over this year, he's in the NBA to win games, and unless some major changes are made, I think LeBron's going elsewhere.  Perhaps you think I'm wrong?  I hope so.  Let me know if you do.  I love any words of encouragement :)
If LeBron does leave, will I change "favorite teams"?  Adam thinks he'll be loyal to wherever LeBron is.  I think I'll always love the Cavs, they're just my team.  I'll always support LeBron and I'll probably even like his new team second best, but I think my heart will ultimately lie with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
At any rate, I will always love the game of basketball.

And now... GO SUNS

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy Busy

I didn't die of pneumonia, don't worry.  I know I haven't blogged in a while (for me, anyway), but that's just because I've been CRAZY busy.  After I had my bout of sickness, the kids and I packed up and went to the wintery land of Rexburg to visit my family so that Adam could study for his next CPA test.  It was nice to see the family, the weather was freezing, and Ashton was bullied to death by Hallie, but we had a good time :)  The kids were actually great on the plane, the part I was most nervous about.  We got home on the 29th and I had 3 cakes to make by May 1.  So I had roughly 36-40 hours to get 3 cakes done.  One was a BabyCake, not too stressful, so I got it out of the way first.  Then I made this beauty...

 And finally, I made a book cake.  I was given this picture...

and was asked to do the top 3 books. Now, I was in a HUGE rush to get this delivered on time for a surprise birthday, and I only got 3 hours of sleep in a 30 hour time span, so I wasn't mentally all together.  Anyway, I FORGOT to take a picture of the cake!!  I've tried contacting the people I did it for, but I still haven't heard from them.  I think the cake ended up looking REALLY close to the picture above, so I'll just have to let you look at this one.
The 30th was my birthday, and I just worked on cake all day long.  Adam and I celebrated on Saturday evening by going to one of my favorite restaurants in town (Grimaldi's) and watching the Cavs beat the Celtics (yaaaay)! 
Adam studied like crazy the next week while I tried to do some deep cleaning.  He took his test on Friday and then we decided to do the paneling in the bathroom on Saturday after my friend's shower.  It started out looking really boring when we moved into it.  Kind of like this bathroom...

Same mirror, same sink, different floor though... but ya know, just boring.  So I painted it, until it looked like this...

Replaced the mirror with a MUCH better one from Home Goods, painted it blue, and switched out the lights.  All that was done a while ago.  Then last week, I ripped out the baseboard...

And Adam and I went to work!  It's not all done, we still have to caulk, spackle, put in some corner pieces, and paint it (obviously), but I think it's looking good!

I wanted something that looked more custom than just a sheet of beadboard.  So I copied the paneling in my mom's house :)  It actually looks exactly like this in her bathroom, so I'm WAY excited for how it will turn out once it's all painted.  I'll post the big reveal later on this week!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there.  I would post more on the subject, but I think I've gone on long enough :)