Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Choosing a Name

So I definitely wear the pants when it comes to choosing our kids' names. Adam doesn't really take much initiative though, he'll just let me come up with a list of names I like and approve or disapprove my picks. The top candidate thus far is Ashton, although we're still open to options. If anyone has any suggestions, shoot them our way!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nice times, growing bellies, and happy holidays

So quite a bit has happened in the past few weeks. Adam and I are insanely busy with work, school, Hallie, and being pregnant. I feel like I barely have time to breathe, but luckily the responsibility of being a parent has allowed me to have some fun times swimming and being with family, which offers relief. Lindsey and Tate came out for a week in June to enjoy some warm weather, and the kids had a blast...

Kelsey came out the week after and saved my life when Adam had to be gone for a whole week. Unfortunately, we were poor picture takers when she was here, so we have no visual documentation of the event :( We had a lot of fun, though!

Our Father's Day and 4th were fabulous as well. I made my first semi-fondant cake for Adam for Father's Day and we saw lots of "boom booms" on the 4th. Hallie did great! She stayed up and played on the golf course during the evening and loved the fireworks show.

And finally, the biggest news of all. Hallie, my mother-in-law, and I got to take a nice LONG trip up to Utah this past Wednesday to see my OBGYN (all of the doctors refuse to see me here in Vegas, which is absolutely ridiculous... oh well). I got an ultrasound and what do you know...

we're having a boy! I have to admit, I'm really nervous about the whole prospect of having a boy. I'm afraid he'll turn out to be a bully with a bad attitude, in which case, I'll just throw him in his room with his scriptures and let him come out when it's time for his mission :) Despite my nervousness, I'm really excited. It will be fun to have a little guy around to add some variety to the mix!