Monday, August 25, 2008

The Move

So the big move takes place tomorrow morning for me.... Wednesday morning (most likely) for Adam. We rented a U-Haul truck to move our stuff and Jessica's, and Adam gets to play truck driver for a day. I think he should buy some sweet trucker shades to really get into the role. Here's the picture of the MESS Adam gets to pack tomorrow while I drive up with Jessica and Hallie. This picture was taken as Adam was looking for an ipod so he could listen to some Harry Potter on the drive up. I thought it might be a lost cause after realizing half of our boxes were mis-labeled from our first move, but alas, we finally found one for him!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playing Catch Up

So I realize I haven't posted in nearly a month... and it's not because our lives are so boring we have nothing to report, but that we have been so busy I haven't found time to report them. We start with Taylor's (Adam's brother) wedding. They were married in the Las Vegas temple and it was as lovely as ever. Taylor was quite the stud and Stasi looked gorgeous! The reception was a blast as Hallie danced the night away. We had a fabulous time.

Exhibit #2-- The end of my internship and classes! This was quite the stress reliever. I had been working all summer, trying to fill hours for my internship, but to no avail. Finally I asked Adam's cousin to come babysit for a week so that I could just work, even if it meant I had to just sit there, I was going to get my hours in! Fortunately, my supervisor finally stepped on her high horse and found things for me to do and I was able to finish. I was also working on my last 2 online classes and had to overnight my final to get it done in time. What a relief when it was all done though, whew!

Exhibit #3-- Cake decorating. I've had this sudden urge to create cakes after watching "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network. I have read online, gone to the library, and have found other ways of teaching myself how to make these fabulous cakes without having to take an expensive class where only one night was focused on fondant. Here is what I made for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary...

Exhibit #4-- The Olympics... I have LOVED watching the Olympics ever since I was little. I'm definitely a bigger fan of the summer games than the winter games, and I even dreamed of being an Olympic swimmer when I was little. I would take my stop watch to the huge pool in our neighborhood and work on my breaststroke every day and compare my times... oh the dreams we have in our youth :) Needless to say, I have been staying up way too late every night for the past week, but loving every second of it. We are convinced that Hallie will be a swimmer or diver someday with as much as that girl loves to swim and jump into the water.

Exhibit #5-- Graduation. We hauled ourselves up to Provo on Thursday to go to my graduation ceremony. Elder Scott was the speaker and it was just wonderful. My parents and grandparents came down and we went to dinner afterwards. To my surprise, Adam, my parents and in-laws all went in together to buy me a new laptop. I love it! I really didn't think I needed a new laptop, but now that I have it, I'm wondering how I survived with my old 5 year old beast of machinery :) Thanks to everyone that came to support me! I love you all!

Exhibit #6-- Jessica's Wedding. Jessica and Brad were married on Saturday in St. George. It was fabulous! We got to stay at a hotel the night before and Hallie had a blast at the pool. Hallie's dress was sooooooo cute on her, and we even managed to keep it mostly clean even after she ate about 8 strawberries at the reception. This picture doesn't do justice of the event, but we're still waiting on better pictures.

Exhibit #7-- The move. We are now getting ready to move back to Provo, which will take place about mid-next week. I'm really not looking forward to all of the cleaning we will have to do, especially in my very pregnant condition. For the next year, we will be moving once every 4 months, which is really not very favorable, but we gotta figure out where we want to end up after all this school business is over!

That about sums up our lives this past month. We're excited to be back in Provo for the fall semester. Adam is really looking forward to starting school again (weirdo) and I'm looking forward to not starting school again (at least one of us is normal). We're both excited to go to the football games and just enjoy our last year as college students as much as possible!