Thursday, March 10, 2011

Since January

Ok I got all my pictures!
So in January, I got to make a cake for my cousin's wedding...
Everything was pink at the wedding, super feminine and therefore super fun.  I like girly  :)

Then it was Hallie's 4th birthday.  Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jake came into town and we had a great day together.  Hallie was definitely princess for the day.

Oh yes... and Ashton knocked out his front tooth.  He looks a little homeless, but I find it kind of endearing too.  Here he is on his first tie-wearing Sunday ever.

Then in February, my brother turned 12, so for his birthday present, I made him a basketball cake and jerseys with all his teammates name and numbers.  It was a big hit with the boys :)

And Hallie and Tate hammed it up at the party.

I haven't really taken any pictures since then, but we're doing well.  We joined a gym and the kids ask to go swim there like 12 times a day.  I've started running again and plan on running either the St. George or Santa Barbara marathon this year (I would prefer the SB marathon, although the timing isn't superb... but a marathon along the coast?? How amazing would that be?!).The weather is kinda sorta starting to warm up, so maybe the snow will be gone by the end of April :)

Adam keeps working like crazy, we miss him, but I'm just grateful I have lots of family to keep me company.  And a job.  Definitely grateful for a job. 

We'll be moving to Idaho Falls next month, which is warmer and not so windy.  Better for us thin-skinned folk :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

A post is coming!

I promise to get a real post up this week. 
I've been trying, but every time I sit down to do it, I realize I need Adam's computer, it has all the pictures.
But Adam isn't here much, so I have very small windows of opportunity to get it done.
I thought a few times about just writing up a post without pictures, but those aren't much fun.
I thought about boring you with my unusually-strong-for-a-female-feelings about Brandon Davies or the Heat's failure to win any big game (which I'm actually glad for, those boys need some humbling) and just loaf around when they have huge leads to end up LOSING again. lame.
But most of you don't care about what I think about basketball (I get my unusual female obsession from my dad).
So instead, I'll just promise you a good ol' post with pictures and no ranting in a few days.
And remind all my Vegas friends that I am only 6 weeks away from being with you...
and I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited :)