Sunday, May 18, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So I don't have any poolside pictures yet (which is where Hallie and I spend most of our time), but I thought I would post what we do have. We love the weather here so far. It's warm, but not too hot (yet) so we can go swimming, eat dinners outside, etc. I am doing my internship right now and I love it, and Adam hangs out with Hallie and does some work for his dad on the side. I probably need to pick up the pace on my homework, and that should be a little more do-able now that the Cavs are out of the NBA playoffs (of course, I'll probably watch all of the rest of the games while I'm doing my homework anyway). I'm feeling pretty good, although last weekend was quite the upheaval of every kind of sick a pregnant girl could get. Fortunately it was pretty short-lived. Anyway, life is good, we really enjoy it here, and we're wishing we never had to go back to Provo... oh well, just two more semesters!

Yum! I love applesauce and Grapenuts.

Sweet shades.

Adam and I hit the strip for dinner and a stroll for my birthday. It was nice to finally get to go on a date!

This would be Tate-the-great, Hallie's favorite cousin. He's one handsome dude. Way to go Linz and Stu, you guys produce great offspring.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, it's been a while since our blog has seen any changes, but our lives have been nothing shy of crazy. Finishing up my last semester on campus was exciting and exhausting. I'm looking forward to just being a mom for a little while. Adam and I both finished our semesters better than we had planned, so that was exciting. Hallie is nuts. The girl has a motor that never stops.
We moved to Las Vegas a little over a week ago and will be here for the summer. Adam and I both have internships, and I have 2 online classes to finish before August. Hallie loves the nice weather, going over to grandma and grandpa's house, and swimming. She has no fear... in fact, she doesn't even have a problem with jumping in the pool when I'm not even in it yet. She just has a couple of coughs and sputters, no crying, and tries to drown herself all over again. Of course, as a mother I worry to some extent, but it's pretty funny too :)
I am pregnant again. Hooray! This came as a complete shock to Adam and I, but we are starting to come to terms with the fact that we will soon be a family of four. At least I'll be done with school before the baby comes. Hallie will make a great big sister. She loves to pat little babies and oos and coos at them. I haven't been too sick this time, which is SUCH a blessing! I was worried that life would basically be impossible to be pregnant, in school, and running after the world's busiest body. Fortunately, Adam has been a great help. He just seems to know when I'm not up to running around after Hallie, and he takes over without a complaint. He's a great dad, too, I think Hallie's starting to become a little Daddy's girl.
Life is great for us in all, it's nice to have a change of scenery and be here in Las Vegas for a few months! Adam has posted a few videos of Hallie below, so enjoy!
Hello there party people, this is the 'ole grizzly bear Adam, doing my duty to society and propagating the cuteness of my daughter and the dazzling beauty of my wife.


First stop, the savanna to see the Lioness:

Never leave home without your toofbrush!

Oh yes, for all you Waldo fans out there, here's a little game of "Where's Hallie?":

Last but not least, a few remarks from Hallie: