Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Answered Prayers

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous before Ashton came along that life would become impossible. Hallie was a pretty hard baby and demanded LOTS of attention. I thought Hallie might beat up on little Ashton and try to pick him up (only to drop him) when I wasn't looking. I was planning for the worst and hoping for the best. Thus far, Ashton has been a gem compared to Hallie at this age. He's awake for almost 3 hours each morning and night, sometimes a little bit in the afternoon, and he just sleeps the rest of the time, unless he's hungry :) He's a fantastic nurser and Hallie is so nice to him. She shares Minnie, her blankie, her binkis and even her bottles with him. Our only troubles come when she wants to give him fives, sometimes she misses his hand and lands on his face, but he's been a good sport about it.
We've really appreciated the meals from our ward, Adam's mom for coming out last week, and I'm really excited for my mom to come in today! I've never been a passionate dinner-maker, and I think having my second baby has completely extinguished any small flame of desire to cook anything anymore. I've been watching the food network every day to hopefully rekindle some desire to make dinner for my family again, and I'm just grateful for the service of others so that we're not eating frozen pizza every night! We're hoping things continue to go as smoothly as they have our first 2 weeks... so far, so good!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Ashton

More recent Ashton pictures! Sorry we haven't posted much info lately... I'll put something up soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ashton James Morris

Well well well...a bunch of contractions and a few hours later, and Ashton (Lebron) James Morris was born into the world. I'd save this entry for Whitney, b/c she is a little more eloquent than I, but she's all shacked up in the birthing suite (it's actually REALLY nice) at Orem Community Hospital, and wireless isn't working for some reason. So, you're stuck with me =)

I'll jump to the details, Whitney started contracting regularly around 9 o'clock while I was playing some basketball down the road. She called me home a little over an hour later and we rushed to the hospital after Jessica & Brad so graciously came over to spend the night with Hallie. We arrived, and some what disappointingly, we found out that Whitney hadn't dilated any more since our last visit (she was a 4+ then). So, we had to wait an hour while she continued to contract so they could check her again. 60 minutes and several prayers, from ourselves and many of you (thanks!), later, she was dilated to almost a 6!

So, they made her official and relocated us to one of the nice rooms. Luckily the anesthetist was already there, so Whit didn't have to wait too much longer for the epidural (for which we were both grateful). A couple hours and a few naps later and she was ready to push! It was easy-cheesy from there. Whitney only had to push for about ten minutes! 3-4 sets of pushes and the little guy was born. He had quite a bit to say in the whole matter. We were a bit worried about his lung development because he's almost 4 weeks premature, but he let us know that his lungs are juuuust fine.

Ashton was born at 4:15 AM of Oct. 15. Coincidentally enough, he measured identically to Hallie (perhaps except his head). He is 6lb 7Oz & 19in long, and he has the cutest full head of blond hair...the CUTEST!

Well, enough of my jabber, here are a few snapshots of the little guy, enjoy!

Awwww, look at the little guy...he's a little upset because mom told him he was 'cute'...not a very manly thing to say to your son.

You can't really tell from the picture, but he was going to town on his fingers!


Juuuuuust snoozin' =) far, this is what he likes best.

Check out that blond hair!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little sweet and sour

So we'll start with the sweet... our favorite word Hallie says is "porcupine". See for yourself (the one at the end is a little better).

Also, I'm off bed rest! Wahoooooo!! It's been wonderful... but the "sour" part of the whole deal is that I HURT like crazy. This baby is putting so much pressure on me that it makes it miserable to move much anyway. I'm getting really close to being full term though (37 weeks), so hopefully this baby won't stay in too much longer, we'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh Baby

I went back into the doctor both yesterday and today to get things checked out. I told him about my hospital visit and he wanted to do a different test to find out for sure if I was leaking amniotic fluid-- turns out I'm not, whew! However, I am having a lot of discharge that contains a ton of white blood cells. This translates to an inflammatory response which in turn means that there's some sort of infection going on inside of me. The doctor doesn't feel comfortable with delivering the baby now (and neither do we), but I'm going to be watched closely over the next week or so. I just worry about possible birth defects that can be caused by the infection. Keep us in your prayers, we're just a little anxious.

Friday, October 3, 2008


So today I thought I had a reaaaally slow leak, and especially since I'm so dilated, I figured I'd go in to check it out real quick. I really didn't think it would be any problem, it was so slow and it seems like all sorts of funky goop comes out at this point of pregnancy, but I thought I might be a neglectful mother if I didn't at least find out for sure. So I go in, they ask me about 5,483 questions and then they finally swab me. Well.... the nurse couldn't tell if it was positive or negative. So she calls the doctor to ask him what to do, and he tells her to wait an hour and do it again. So I hang out and then 2 nurses come in to check me the second time. Same results... it was just too hard to tell. So they call the doctor again and just decided to send me home. Before I left, they checked my cervix again and I'm still at a 4, but my sac is bulging out... so basically i could explode any second. So I'm resolving to do better about my bed rest for the next week. I haven't been terrible, but it's just hard with Hallie. I'd really prefer this baby to stay in a little while longer, but it's a pain in the neck to have to stay down all day long. I still need to get this baby something to sleep in too, so it would be nice if he would give us some more time :) Anyway, we'll keep you all updated as things progress. Happy Conference weekend!