Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friends and random pictures

 Please excuse the puffy hair... I hope my hair doesn't always look like that :)

We've been crazy busy lately.  Trying to get ready for the move, tying up loose ends, fixing up the house a little, making sure it's ALWAYS clean for potential walk-throughs, Adam's test (which has become a four letter word in this household) and trying to hang out with friends as much as possible before we go.
I prefer to accentuate the positive where I can, so I'll talk a little about hanging out with the friends :)  On Thursday my friend Staci and I kissed the kids goodbye (except her baby) and went to Primm for a shopping spree of sorts.  We had mega discount coupons, so we did some pretty good damage there.  There's just something about shopping... it's liberating, isn't it?
Friday a bunch of us girlies took the kids to a mega-inflatable mecca.  They loved it.  Why didn't these places exist when I was a kid??
Saturday we went out to dinner as a last hoo-rah.  Chelsea is probably leaving us this week for St. George :(  Chrissy and I will move right around the same time.  It's crazy how 3 of us are just leaving... boom... like that.  
I plan on visiting often.  As often as I can.  I'm sure we'll be real sick of Idaho's weather come April, so we may make the journey right after tax season.

P.S. Sorry I don't have pictures of any of these events, our camera is slowly slipping away from us and will soon be in a better place.  We hope to be getting a replacement at Christmas.  Since no post is complete without a few pictures, here are a few random ones from the last few years that may put a smile on your face (or say what the heck?!  Ashton was HUGE).   Because it's good to walk down memory lane every once in a while.
Humungo Ashton

 Baby Ashton... I love all his blonde hair... he was such a cutie!

 Hallie around 18 months or so, love the piggies.

 Hallie and Tate... about 18 mos

 Hallie's Blessing

 Hallie got a little cold, so Daddy let her borrow his sweatshirt.

 And then the crazy couple.  Shortly after the wedding.  It looks like I married Barney Fife.