Monday, August 3, 2009

Angels & Spray Cans

Well, you might think this is the third installation of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code...sorry, not quite that suspenseful.

But, after a fun afternoon in Park City we had a trusty nail or two place itself in our back tire, and it was cause for celebration!...or not, b/c our tires still have acorn wheel locks on them (at least until tomorrow morning), and we are without key (a special keyed lug-nut puller). Add that to the fact that we were in Heber, UT on a Monday evening at 8 PM =]

...actually, I'm rather grateful we made it to Heber, about halfway between Park City & Heber, our little tire pressure indicator went off, so I pulled over and sure enough our back tire was hissing out air at a pretty decent rate. We still had decent tire pressure so I figured we ought to try and get down the hill. And with a prayer or two, we did. AFter seeing that there was ZERO chance of finding any auto-shop open, or at least still occupied by workers...I was able to procure one of these bad boys at Smith's.

Long story short it worked! I just don't want to be the guy that has to fix the flat in my tire tomorrow, I'm going to bet it will be a nasty job. I don't recommend these little cans if you can avoid it...but since I couldn't take my tire off to put on the spare, and there was ZERO chance of getting a mechanic to look at it, this worked very well.

So thank goodness for Angels & Spray Cans!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Pictures!!

My awesome cousin Breanne just took some pictures of the fam. They turned out great! If anyone comes to visit us in Vegas, these pictures will DEFINITELY be up around the house.

Look at that cute husband I have!

Haha, I love this picture of Hallie.