Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four weeks and counting

For the past month (ever since my parents left town on the 13th of March), I've been sick.  The first bout of sickness came from lack of sleep, and after about a week, I started feeling better.  So instead of trying to take it easy until I fully recovered, I took on more than I could handle with my cakes, all while Adam has been working super late during tax season.  So I started getting more sick... and more sick... and so sick that finally yesterday I caved and went to see a doctor.  Why didn't I go in earlier?  Because our health insurance isn't very good, and I'm the budgeter of the family :)  But it was starting to become apparent that I was NOT getting any better.  So after 4 hours in Quick Care, followed by another 4 in the ER, I found out I have PNEUMONIA in my lower left lung (right side of the x-ray).  Lovely.  So I'll be sitting in bed for the next few days, trying to finally fully recover.  Thank goodness for a wonderful mother-and-father-in-law that completely took care of me and my kids yesterday and who is still taking care of the kids today (thanks, Julie!).  I'd probably just be getting worse without them (or Adam would have had to have worked for 72 hours straight and then we would both have pneumonia). I'm also soooo grateful that Adam and the kids haven't gotten it.  The doctor said some forms can be contagious, so either I got the good non-contagious kind, or I've just been really lucky :)  Either way, the doctor gave me some of his cool masks to wear around the kids and hubby.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I did it (almost) ALL by myself!

Adam introduced me to this fabulous blog last week and I decided if Ana could do it, I could do it.  So I thought it would be fun to make a picnic bench for the kids for Easter.  I went and bought some wood, screws, a little paint and glue... borrowed a saw from a friend and took on my first carpentry job!  It took a little while, but I finished it and I learned A LOT.  Adam only helped with the top of the picnic table, and I did all the cuts for the whole table, and the screwing and painting for the rest of the table.  The kids LOVE it, and I'm definitely going to be making our bed frame from one of Ana's other plans.