Sunday, June 12, 2011

Potato is to Idaho as Summer is to Sunshine

Ok, so obviously, a little time has past since my last posting.  But the blog is still looking better than the time gaps between my journal entries, so I'm feeling pretty good about things.
In the past couple of months, we've moved, put together a huge dessert table for a wedding, finished a tax season, adopted a cat, watched a ton of basketball, started marathon training, taught the kids how to swim, and celebrated a birthday.
First up, my family's cat decided to start a family, and in early April, the little rat-like looking things were born.

Fortunately, it only took a couple of weeks for them to start looking like cats, and the kids loved every second of it.

If you want to see the most hilarious video ever about cats go here...
 Hilarious... and pathetic.  I truly hope she finds her soul mate.

Over Easter we went down to Vegas.  The weather was great and the people were better.  We had a blast.   So did our bank account.

Ashton's favorite part was the ride home.
The whole thing just wore Hallie out (sweet keyboard, yeah?).

At the end of May, we made the move to Idaho Falls.  I miss being so close to my sisters, but it's reeeeaally nice to be able to be any place I want to be in about 5 minutes (as opposed to 40).  We took one of the kitties with us, and she loves the new pad.  She sleeps with Hallie at night and likes to snuggle right in.

Then in June we decided to go up to my grandpa's cabin with Stu's family.  The weather was surprisingly good up there.  We fed the fish, tried to catch the fish, played games, shot some soda cans, rode the four wheelers and ate a lot of food. And we slept in a warm room on a bed... my kinda camping.

Since then, we've just been trying to get settled in, figuring out what we want to do with the rest of our summer, and just enjoying Adam being home (this is the first time in our six years that he's come home and hasn't had to study for something).  

We hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!  We miss all of you that are far away.  Hopefully you'll hear from us again sooner than later next time around :)