Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Things

Big things have been happening around our house.  First off, WhipperBerry has become quite the success and has taken up quite a bit of my time these past few months, although I will say, it has been put on the back-burner a bit recently because I've had so many cakes (of which I plan on updating... sometime).  Hallie LOVES preschool more than life and Ashton is talking quite a bit more now and loves his dad more than life.  Adam and I just love the kids more than life, so we're happy to see them happy.

Last week we got a life-changing phone call.  My uncle, a CPA in Idaho Falls, asked Adam to move up to Idaho and start working with him this December.  We knew this would be a prospect for us, we just weren't expecting it for a couple more years.  So we talked... a lot.  Weighed pros and cons.  Shifted back and forth.  Prayed a TON.  We finally decided that it would be a good move for us, even if we did have to somehow sell the house in this terrible economy and quit a great job with amazing people.

But it's true.  We're moving to Idaho.  And I'm kind of excited.  I wasn't, a few days ago.  I've come to like Vegas a little, and the unknown scares me.  But I love Idaho.  I always have.  I mean, just look at it...

                                                               (i may just have to buy this cutting board)

How can you not?  There is so much to love about Idaho.  I can be a real cowgirl there, if I really wanted.  Life is a little more laid back, and there are so many beautiful outdoorsy things to do.  When I went to school there, we would go bridge jumping and crawl through ice caves.  When we were there for the 4th, we went up to the Grand Tetons and saw the most amazing views I've ever seen.  Jackson Hole is nearby, and it's nothing shy of amazing.  And my family is there, at least for now.  That will perhaps be my most favorite thing.

I'm looking forward to Idaho.  Looking forward to white Christmases and beautiful summers.  And looking forward to the many wonderful memories that will be made.