Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fashion Show

Hallie was accepted into pre-school last month.  This was very exciting news to all members of the household, but I think Hallie and I are most excited (and for very different reasons).  I'm just happy to see that Hallie will have a chance to have daily interaction with other kids her age.  Heaven knows she needs it.  To celebrate our building anticipation, we went school shopping this past week.  Hallie obliged in putting on a fashion show, and I thought I would share the final product of her photo shoot.

Here we have Hallie sporting the ever-feminine butterfly-print dress.  Simple, but flirty.

 Next we have our Back-to-School staple, the denim dress.  The belt is a purple floral and the shoes a white Mary Jane.  Hallie wears it with attitude and style, just how her momma raised her.

Next in the line-up is the fantastic T-shirt dress.  This dress says comfy, casual, and oh-so-trendy.  Hallie's ready to hit the books... while the boys take a look.

Finally, we give you the black ruffle tank with sequins. Hallie wears this with white laced leggings.  Not every 3-year-old can pull this off, but Hallie's definitely got the legs for it.

*This fashion show was brought to you by H&M Las Vegas, where the majority of these clothes were purchased.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GRIPE SESSION - $120 for parking at church = sad face

So, we often go to my parents after church for a lovely Sunday meal.  And I often go to church separately and when we go to my folks, we just leave my car there.

Well, upon retrieving my car a month ago, I got a lovely little pink slip with a nasty orange sticker (uber-sticky...we're talking goo-gone) attaching it to my windshield (what ever happened to using the wipers?).

Any who, sure, I broke the law, it's a misdemeanor [criminal!], I can't say that I had ever seen the parking sign, in fact, I had to go back and look to see where it was, and especially since people have parked on that road since the beginning of time.

In my mind, 'No parking zones' are placed to increase public my case, I think the parking sign was placed for public annoyance.  I'll let you be the judge, but unless we are allowing lizards and katydids to be U.S. citizens, I doubt any of our citizens safety has been blessed by the fortuitous placement of this no parking zone which happens to be essentially in the middle of the desert far from any type of residential property or narrow roads with limited visibility (not bitter).