Sunday, July 31, 2011

Treasure Hunting and Farmland

Since the snow all melted in April, I've really come to enjoy the quaint and run-down places that are everywhere in Idaho.  I find it all very charming.  Just in my little 30 minute drive from here to Rexburg, there are all kinds of deteriorating barns, adorable white farmhouses, tons of rolled up hay bales, ginormous tractors rolling around on the street like it's nothing out of the norm, and even some cute antique shops.  I've been taking a few pictures, but it would be so very fun to get a nice camera and take a day to photograph it all.

When we moved to my grandma's old house, I decided to go through the pasture (picture above) and the sheds to see if I could find any hidden treasures.  I started at this shed...

and I ripped off the door... which, if turned sideways (and cleaned up a bit), I think would be a really fun headboard. 

I also just really like the wood on the shed...
It would be fun to cover a wall in a house with it, just to add some character, similar to this...
photo via The Lettered Cottage

Then I went and looked through this old shed...

and found my mom's old saddle and stirrups, fun!  It made me wish I had a horse.

I like chestnuts, like this one.
She's beautiful.  Being in Idaho has always made me want to have a horse.  I've never really wanted one anywhere else I've lived.  Maybe that's because I grew up associating Idaho with my grandma's horses.

Anyway, I digress.   I looked a little deeper in the shed, and I found some vintage skis.
Cleaned and stained, I think they could be fun.

I finished up looking through some other old sheds and places I used to play as a little girl.  I didn't find much else, just lots of fun memories. 

It's been fun to re-visit some of my fondest childhood memories.  We like living here, although we're aching to feel settled again (we'll only be in this house until January).  We're trying to decide whether to build or buy, stay in a neighborhood or go a little more rural.  Save for a nice house, or buy a fixer-upper and go all DIY on it.  Any suggestions??

I'll be back soon-ish with family pictures, we've been doing so much that it's hard to get it all in one post :) 


Rebecca said...

Whitney I like your post. It makes me miss Idaho. Where are you living? In Rexburg? I hope you are doing well. Your pictures are beautiful. You have a talent in photography as well.

Chelsea said...

Hi Friend!!! That would make a beautiful headboard and such a fun story with it! Totally build if you can. I would LOVE to do that!!!!