Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby baby!... and other news

I've been a failure about the blog, I know. But I figured since we had a baby a couple of months ago, I should document it.  Besides, I sit around nursing all day, so I really have no excuse to not keep things updated now :)

Since I last REALLY  posted, a ton has happened!  We bought a great house in an awesome neighborhood.  There's plenty of room for our growing family (it's like 2.5 times bigger than our Vegas house, so there's more rooms (and cleaning) than I know what to do with) and we even have a real lawn!  It's very exciting.  Hallie and Ashton have lots of neighborhood friends and are basically living the childhood dream of getting to play whenever they want.
My awesome sister moved into the same neighborhood right after we did, and we love it.  We're not in the same ward (weird), but we hang out nearly every day and my kids love having cousins their age.   We also love to mooch off their boat in the summer and spend most Saturdays at the lake.  Hallie and Ashton are fearless and love getting thrown off the tube.  Adam's become a decent wakeboarder and I can at least get up :)  We love it, so many fun times and memories.

Hal with cousins and friends selling hot chocolate 
Our third addition came almost 2 months ago.  We named her Azy Faith.  We've had a lot of people ask where her name came from.  I wish I could say we came up with it on our own or that it's Greek for some exotic flower that only grows when you sing to it or something crazy.  But really, I just had a friend in Vegas whose name was Azy and I loved it, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind if I used it.  It was very nice of her to let us, we think it's perfect :)  I gave Adam full control over her middle name, and he chose Faith.  He did good, right? I should have let him do the other 2 kids' middle names, too.

Azy has been a joy.  She was born on May 1, the day after my birthday and 3 weeks early.  I had to be really careful during my pregnancy and stay down a lot, since I don't hold my babies in very well :/  We were so happy she went full term, although we did have a few scares along the way. I went into labor in the middle of the night, and I wanted to be really sure I was in labor before I went in, but by the time we got there I was already dilated to a 6, so I was ready to go.  She came about 3 hours after we checked in, holding true to my fast delivery history.  Everything went really well, and Azy was born at 6:02 am, weighing in at 6lbs 14oz, my biggest baby yet!

First bath

Hanging out with Uncle Stu

Meeting Grandma (you'll love her Azy, I do!)

World's greatest Grandpa

3 kids!  We're old (and crazy)!
I'll post later about Azy's blessing and other fun things we've been doing, here's to Keeping up with the Blog (you thought I was going to say Kardashians, didn't you? :)). 

P.S. We're going to be in Vegas July 18 and 19, hope to see some of you then!!

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